my ears are ringing

recital complete
vacant auditorium
right key it was not

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covered in pigeon droppings

“Top Hat”

Hello, how are you?
Wait! Come back!
What’s your hurry?
I’m here all day.
Rain or shine,
hot or cold,
I’m here.
Sit down, relax.
Let your mind go for awhile.

So, what do you do?
That’s interesting.
Do you enjoy your job?
No? Then why do you do it?
Ah! I see!
It’s the perks!
Really? None of those?
Long hours, meager pay,
lousy bosses.

It’s okay, I understand.
People like you come here to the Gardens
to unwind.
To get away from life.
You walk around
and fantasize.
If I had the money, the time,
the space,
oh, what I could create!

Sorry, is my chatter bothering you?
I get carried away at times.
A fine fellow like you,
beautiful wife,
lots of friends.
I must admit to some jealousy.
Made of stone
Weathering slowly,
I tip my top hat to you.

Irish peat bog

“Keep The Windows Shut!”

Every night, I hear the sound, wafting on the pungent breeze. It’s tempting, seductive, alluring and deadly. You laugh at my tale? Then let me give fair warning, if you sense the dulcet tones of a harp, keep your windows shut!

It’s harsh and strident
Frightening and uncouth
Somewhere in the dark
A hungry monster lurks

Still you mock me with cruel jibes. Then let me tell of a lover lost. She was fair and slender, a winsome lass, until that fateful night. My arms held tight, ruby lips did taste, her ears were captured then my heart did uproot.

For long years past
Searched swampy tangle
No trace of my beloved
‘Cept faint crying on the wind.

So keep your windows shut!