a tribute to Rumi #2

I mention in my sidebar that Rumi is my favorite poet. I wrote a number of poems in tribute to his longing for the Beloved

“Without padding on the sole the hobnail will pierce the cross”

in the grand pantheon of the spiritual
it is not a singular territory
that causes the suspension
and at times deep baffled
confusion passing for daylight
at the shop of Farzin the Cobbler

not for he the village cobbler
worrying about the spiritual
aspects of prayer during daylight
that is the territory
of the imam baffled
by morality’s suspension

without the fervent suspension
of disbelief the busy cobbler
will always remain baffled
by the mysteries of the spiritual
ways inexorably opening territory
best examined under daylight

through the mosque pours daylight
glittering motes in suspension
vast sacred territory
not ignored by illiterate cobbler
who does seek spiritual
life although still baffled

yet to be baffled
to stagger in dark not daylight
facing a spiritual
crisis and suspension
of faith is not unique to a cobbler
but is every human’s territory

a vast and wild territory
filled with baffled
masons, soldiers and a cobbler
creating my sandals by daylight
nail by nail the suspension
grows until all that is left is the spiritual

without this territory being exposed to harsh daylight
the many baffled souls that confront faith’s suspension
along with Farzin the cobbler could never be spiritual


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