never called back

so why keep going?

to rid of hate
oh that which binds
teases with languid lips made red
and swollen with anger
hate of you
of love
of thought
how dare you open my heart and then…

… then
leave me
leave us
the us of bright mornings
and frantic
pulsing nights
wrapped in limbs
and sweat
and hormones
you have broken me

so why keep going?

because I
I am stronger than us
stronger than lust
than love
than hate
I am stronger than I ever believed

so there!


3 thoughts on “never called back

  1. Life is to go on, letting go is not that we are weak in reality it is that we are more stronger then the other… We know life is to live, to learn, to grow thus you go on moving…

    Beautiful indeed very beautiful poem and the meaning is deep to be understood…. Thank you for such a wonderful poem.


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