rhyme nor reason

Poet N: A shill, a barker of the digital airwaves, offering an empty promise while begging for your votes and money.

Poetry N: A cynical script of the dream, two words offering a paradise that resonates in our souls. If only….

“If Only…”

click, click, the images pass by
earnest voices selling perfection
glittering jewels fantastic colors
rippled muscles gyrating dancers
newest carnage solemn visage
past wars only memories
raining somewhere storms swirl
impossible contests fading glory
flashing lights crashing cars
trauma and blood offering grief
this machine will keep the weight off
black and white anonymous faces
the latest bed swapping affairs
local firehouse pancake breakfast
has anyone seen this child
mansion of stone within reach
sell and buy you need this book
drugs an outrage arrest them all
cheering crowds uniformed heroes
pass, shoot, score life is grand
without leather seats no point
insert card cash dispensed
look this way pout for the lens
another scandal missing funds
how late is drive through open
there is a pill for whatever ails you
wave the flag don’t ask questions

“Wave the Flag”

in times of trouble
wave the flag
when interest wanes
wave the flag
when prices rise
wave the flag
when cracks appear
wave the flag
when fights break out
wave the flag
when business fails
wave the flag
when hunger strikes
wave the flag
when help arrives
wave the flag
can’t make decisions
then wave the flag


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