a tribute to Rumi #4

I mention in my sidebar that Rumi is my favorite poet. I wrote a number of poems in tribute to his longing for the Beloved.

“Dung betwixt thine ears”

Oh wise sage – you with flowing beard –
[and ample gut]
in youth
foolish and hot-headed did you
dance with the Beloved?

Swirl in patterns
rutted in dirt
[the track not fornication]
as youth
stomped in donkey droppings?

Oh wise sage – you with heavy purse –
[and nagging wife]
are youth
wasted and bloated or did you
remember Pharaoh?

As slaves ancestors toiled
straw and mud bricks
[not for them]
the youth
killed in place of Moses

Oh wise sage – you with clever tongue –
the Beloved calls
should youth answer?
[or drink deep of pleasure]
flesh is a reflection of lust

[laughter from wise sage]
foolish youth
sons and daughters of Abraham
listen well to the voice of the

Dance, sing, lift your palms
to heaven
give alms to poor
[a tenth at least]
youth is for love and longing

remember the dung
mixed with hope and
you ask me?
[the old man, the old rich man]
you ask me? about the Beloved?

remember foolish children of
avarice – now shamed glances –
there is only one prayer
of sending the Beloved

A Smile.


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