the ‘V’ word

“Because I have a vagina…”

… I am often molested when I’m only a little girl

… I am often kept uneducated and at home

… I am often killed because baby boys are preferred

… I am often sold to brothels to pay family bills

… I am often raped by someone I trusted

… I am often scorned for being so emotional

… I am often murdered by a jealous ex-lover

… I am often ignored when seeking medical advice

… I am often mutilated by cutting off my clitoris and labia

… I am often called a filthy whore for enjoying sex

… I am often forced to trade my body for food

… I am often dismissed by my professors

… I am often paid much less than males

… I am often expected to be only a breeder

… I am often viewed as unclean when I bleed

… I am often filled with shame and fear and remorse

… I am often wondering why religions hate me so much


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