a tribute to Rumi #6

I mention in my sidebar that Rumi is my favorite poet. I wrote a number of poems in tribute to his longing for the Beloved.

“all roads are not smoothly paved”

Faith. What it is?
For these pilgrims, faith is hope, faith is joy, faith is love.
They come. The lame. The sick.
The handicapped seeking a miracle.
Not for them the skepticism of non-belief.
On foot.
In wheelchairs and litters they come.
Some alone. Some surrounded by family.
They come for reasons both tragic and divine. Each a journey unique and identical.
Some on smooth tarmac. Some on rutted tracks.
Expressed in terms of roads, we all take different routes, in different vehicles.
Some in luxury. Some on calluses.
Some die.
We all die.
But for these pilgrims, death is not the end.
Faith tells them the road merely changes surfaces.
Healed or not, most leave this sacred place lighter in spirit.
Ready to once more take to the road of suffering and pain.
Who exactly is alive here?


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