Hot summer night at the Cotton Club

“What does Great Jazz sound like?”

The Snare is,

Notes like fragrant smoke, hewn stone fireplace pine snapping and popping hot tendrils of air rising into a night so cold and black that the stars hang just beyond your fingertips.

The Bass is,

Notes like thick cream, flowing over burnished formica dripping onto oak planks patina polished by ten thousand boots calico cat vibrating up pooling liquid slick to the touch.

The Saxophone is,

Notes like a lovers spanking, over knee bare bottom arching high crisp smacks falling on smooth flesh growing warm and red ’til hot wailing flames scorch the crescendoing sky.

The Keyboard is,

Notes like thunder and lightning, smell of ozone when wind bends trees sideways and the rain comes down drumming on roof like marbles cascading from worn leather pouch.

The Horn is,

Notes like bright glass, shattered amber shards tinkling on mortared wall mirroring electric blue neon frenetic flickering reflection of dazzling jewels swinging fast tempo.

The Guitar is,

Notes like an avalanche, raging eddies swirling slick foamed rocks rushing waves pounding spray casting rainbow of sound hurtling into the abyss carved violent eons past.

Now that’s
What great jazz
sounds like

Swing by the Poets Pub at d’Verse after the show and enjoy a cold one and more hot poems.


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