so many news feeds

Authors note: This is best read aloud.

“Things to do”

turbid water rushes by the constant change of rising prices and falling hopes the song of progress a distant hint in faded ink scratches when time seemed immeasurable under smoky incense brought from plateaus riven with famine and ideology grown dizzy in hate and passions for death of society passes for control of citizens crushed by intolerance as dogma spewed with gouts of bigotry the key to swaying the tired drugged crush of purported free willed members stacking sandbags against the information pouring through breached firewalls in a writhing orgy of minds meeting on networks fostering exchanges submerged by towering archaic opinions passing as knowledge gleaned by jaded writers twisted to meet needs of few suppressing dissent of many…


2 thoughts on “so many news feeds

  1. This is amazing to read aloud! It really drives home the feel of the immense, constant flow which disempowers us and makes us feel like we’re drowning.

    I wasn’t sure what I was going to encounter as I took a first glance at it. I knew the heavy visual nature of the prose was going to give me something interesting. And I wasn’t disappointed! Just gasping for breath…. Wonderful! 🙂


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