the nor’easter howls in the darkling sky

This is my first attempt at a Haibun. There seem to be rules and interpretations of rules.

White crystals swirling in gusty drafts: the street lamps beyond our window. Condensation from faulty insulation obeys gravity’s pull down the icy glass, pooling on the vinyl sill. Watching the snow as it drifts against the cedar fence the swaying pines shiver as the wind explodes a powdery cascade. They appear to be intoxicated, green boughs linked in support as the trunks twist and lean into the rising gale. I step back when the thump of angry squall rocks the house. I drop the drape and shiver. Goose bumps rise on my exposed flesh as I dive back under the covers: the heat is out.

warm bed cuddled her
shiver from penetration
icicle finger

The Daily Post prompt


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