outdoors in hay fever season

dVerse prompt to rhyme about the autumnal scents and flavors.

“A harvest wedding”

beneath arbor flush with ripe grape – white tulle and silk – stood the bride
in her mother did confide
subsequently horrified

among produce took brief escape – orange gourds and squash – said she lied
confessed truth parent denied
must admit to mystified

behind sunflowers mouth agape – tan straw and ale – have my pride
promise silence to subside
hope now you are satisfied

around dry corn husks tied with crepe – red fruit and juice – help me guide
in my heart always reside
should return look dignified

above wildflowers pleasing shape – brown horse and boots – time I tried
callused hand assists astride
hold me tight am petrified

you cannot ride
rancher groom cried
why did you hide
fear she replied
cling to my side
love will provide

Authors note: I must admit that I rarely compose poetry in rhyme or meter in the traditional manner. My primary style is free verse and streaming prose. I decided to write this as 8 syllables – inset 4 – then 3 on the first line with 7 syllables on the second and third lines. The 8 syllables ends in a rhyme as does the 3/7/7 stanza. Each 4 syllable inset begins with a color and the refrain carries the rhyme to the end. This was very difficult to write but I am glad to have discovered dVerse and the poets at the bar. I will do my best to uphold d’Rules.


15 thoughts on “outdoors in hay fever season

  1. I am smiling at the ending lines despite the initial petrified autumnal scenery 🙂 That’s the risk of having an outdoor wedding ha. Enjoyed the rhyming verses and form Brian. I am a free verse writer too but its nice to stretch our poetic muscles with these exercises.


  2. An impressive undertaking, Brian! The exercise was to “force” your hand at rhyme. I do free verse a lot myself, but probably in equal doses as my rhyming poetry. Glad you found the pub and I look forward to more of your work!


    • Thank you Walter. Rest assured your ‘mission’ accomplished. Thank you for the warm welcome at the pub. Most of the writing prompts from 2006-2010 are now defunct so it is nice to find a new community.


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