random sentence generator

Authors note: This a neat site where I used a random sentence generator to create the following sentences. I then used every single word [but no others] to create a poem. It is a fiendish exercise.

Inside a latest actor purges the rattling obstruction.
A feminist bookstore farms.
A cheap believer generalizes the theorem into the neat cupboard.
An extract dashes with a pacifier!
An indistinguishable precedent refunds a distress.
Why can’t an ashamed career head a wild?
An accident names the pragmatic diameter.
A lamp clicks with a unaffected supporter.
Can each component think?
Why won’t the myth act?
The district pardon reckons in each newcomer.
The suffering algebra entrances the adventure under every continuous sister.
How will a moved star behave?
Another silicon originates within the adviser.
The factory composes in a highlight!
A twist jokes.

“Laugh track is for amateurs”

under the lamp
a feminist jokes
how can the actor think?
an indistinguishable adviser reckons
cheap silicon inside
names an ashamed supporter
with a career
a neat pacifier!
suffering obstruction
sister purges
every twist in distress
the head rattling
each generalizes
why won’t the myth behave?
another believer farms
can’t pardon a highlight!
continuous component composes
the precedent
a star extract
a pragmatic newcomer unaffected
why an algebra theorem wild?
each cupboard
a diameter
the latest adventure
originates in a factory
the entrances moved
will the clicks act?
within a district an accident
dashes into the bookstore
with the refunds


16 thoughts on “random sentence generator

  1. Hell yes, I love this kind of experimental/found poetry! I wrote one using newspaper clippings: kinda Dada-esque, but I pasted them all down, then explored what words/phrases came together or stood out, then rewrote it (more than once!) to reach a poem. It was cool, and when I’m back on uni break, I might have to try it again. That being said, I really like the first sentence generated – except I think for a writer, it’d probably be ‘inside, the latest writer purges words’. I love what you done – great idea 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome and thank you for the effusive comment. I hope to do more of these, only when I’m bored though. Please stop back, I usually post 2-3 times every day.
      A haiku for you.

      back on uni break
      cool writer found poetry
      newspaper clippings

      Liked by 1 person

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