2nd Amendment

“The Gun Show”

Driving past the Armory on the way to work
Gun Show signs fluttered in the stiff north-east wind
Barely making headway in the gusty conditions
The flock of orange and brown robins
One hundred thousand strong took to the sun
Called out good morning as they rose
Swirling above grounded aircraft but
Below the stately white procession eastbound
V-shaped plumage straining towards lemon sky
At the next light cars hastened to church
One by one drivers ducked across traffic
Gleaming conveyances awaiting new owners
Of all colors and sizes flowed through the doors
Tables piled high with weapons and ammo
Sincere greetings and hope for a better season
Grim forecast for those who hunt and gather
Signs of the vast migration soon to come
Snowbirds returning to northern climes
Leaving behind friends money and light
Warblers ducks raptors and robins
Follow suit


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