drought stricken lead pipes

filtered through limestone
bruised clouds unleash acid rain
recharge aquifer
unsafe contamination
distribute bottled water

Word origin of recharge as a verb and noun.
v. early 15c., “to reload” (a vessel), from re- “again, back” + charge “to load” (q.v.); modeled on Old French rechargier “to load, load back on” (13c.). Meaning “re-power a battery” is from 1876. Related: Recharged; recharging. The noun is recorded from 1610s in English.


6 thoughts on “drought stricken lead pipes

  1. I really, really like this. There’s so much going on in such a tiny space. It fills me with a sadness – the usurping of Nature by man made contaminants. The profundity of “recharge” isn’t lost on me. What should be recharged, recycled, renewed by the natural processes (and I love the image of filtering through limestone) just serves to further destroy itself. The artificiality of water being bottled works perfectly as a foil to the natural filter that can no longer perform its duties. Great poem.

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