Patriot Day 9/11/16- Fifteen years later

Fifteen years have passed and the memories are still clear.

Ten years ago Dale Challener Roe started Project 2,996 to remember all the victims of 9/11. Click here for my tribute page for Gilbert Granados that I originally published for Sept. 11, 2006 on a different blog. I realize that many people in many countries have been impacted by acts of terror long before 9/11/01 and many times since that date. There seems to be no end in sight.

Many memories this post recalls
the sense of despair
the images of smoke

they were people
just like you and I
living their dream

we believe in hope
in the land of the free
a shining future for all

for all those lost
never forget
help build our tomorrow.

I want to use this post to stump for this project and encourage you to read at least one tribute and consider writing one of your own. Active and inactive links are at Project 2996 if you would like to participate. Note: I have been unable to locate any updated posts by Dale Challener Roe since Oct. 2015.


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