beyond our senses, a world awaits

Belleair Beach, Florida

Belleair Beach, Florida

salt tide foams in veins
littoral zone teems with life
mirrored edge travels

d’Verse prompt to ‘Take me along”.

Authors note: ‘Travels’ is both a verb and a noun in this haiku depending on how read.

36 thoughts on “beyond our senses, a world awaits

  1. Love the title; love the haiku. I very much like the littoral/literal/lit-oral word play. Or if you’re me, it’s litter-AL … which means you have a litter of kittens (or puppies [or children]) in Alabama, which I do. So to me, this is about having a very busy physical-life while traveling only in your mind (likely through reading books) … with an ocean of sensation pumping through your veins. And if only the edges of the mirror travel, then the center stays put. It’s only through the periphery that things go all warbly and other-worldly.

    Well done. The magic of imagination has been achieved.

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  2. This poem continues to unpack and reveal itself as I continue to read and re-read it. I find it is what is left unsaid that resonates in a poem like this — just as much as what is said. The poem is like a bronze bowl that you’ve lightly tapped. Now, as the reader, I feel as if I am still listening to the echo as it slowly fades. Lovely! Thank you for sharing!

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