Creative insanity reigns between the ears

“S is for Slog

I’ve tried to quit, many times before
the urge, the itch
the twitch
fingers grip the pen, ink scribbles
undecipherable moments later
notepad slammed down
the impulsive slog, the trek
the epic saga

My Muse is a bitch

I’ve tried to quit, bury the paper
turn off the computer
it’s no use
I see a word, I sniff
I dream
the colors, the characters
queue, portfolios in sweaty hands
hopeful glances

My Muse is a scream

I’ve tried to quit, force her to leave
arthritic carpal tunnel wrists,
I plead, cry off sick
raises the whip
slog away, another sentence
begets paragraph, passes
purview, for now at least
I rest

My Muse is slick

I’ve tried to quit, indifferent attitude
doesn’t work for long
I watch, I read
relax on the couch
buzzing gnat, swipe at ears
this story, would be nice to hear
to the keyboard, she purrs
I slog

My Muse is diabolical and she never, ever leaves me alone!

I love My Muse… she’s been my constant internal companion since I was a young.

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8 thoughts on “Creative insanity reigns between the ears

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Yes, muses can be…oh, so many things. They can drive you crazy, keep you awake at night, be your guiding light…all of that and more! Some can be positively…vampiric (wait until you read my next novella – you have no idea how apt your poem is!) 🙂

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