along the Spanish Main

“Portents of Past Souls”

trailing seas
light ground swell from distant isles
azure and celadon
mirrors charcoal flat-bottomed squalls
the pipe
drums beat, roll on cobbled squares
many years
so many, many years apart my darling
slight roll falls a degree to starboard
jib luffs
hairs prickle and squinted creases gaze
port beam
hail aloft, douse sail, weather trim, veer
round ten
drums beat, feet on scrubbed planks
many years
so many, many years lost my darling
wispy outriders bring deepening pressure
glittered blue
sweet taste of air spun gossamer white
fresh breeze
heralds steady on sou’ by sou’west
drums beat

then silence
another warning posted, switch from
the movie
to the weather
emerald waves of gnarled bark
bow outside
open door faint sense of distant souls
racial memory
stirs visceral shudders watch skies
fast ribbons
flutter low across roofs where once
dunes concealed
skeletons of ancient ship wrecks
time to go


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