silly ol’ monster


Deep in the forest
Of Greater Muldoon
Lived a mad florist
Bayed at the moon
He once had a shop
The King had adored
Called him a fop
Threatened a Lord
Soldiers arrived
Grabbed for arrest
Pleaded his bride
Good man I’ll attest
Judge had no humor
Sentence was swift
Called him a tumor
Demanded a shrift
None was forthcoming
So at the tenth bell
With much loud drumming
Met the Mangelwurzel
Eight legs and all teeth
Hard scales of black
Foul breath did reek
Nothing did it lack
The florist trembled
As the beast did roar
Townsfolk assembled
Were hoping for gore
He held up a bouquet
Grabbed it’s attention
Crowd hissed no buffet
That’s beyond comprehension
Rotten food in showers
Meat was not on the diet
The beast ate the flowers
Mob then started a riot
In all the confusion
The florist escaped
Was it just an illusion
Over the beast was draped
Long years have passed
Since that horrid day
No longer all aghast
Many now will pray
When lost in the trees
All carry pouch to repel
Hope flowers will appease
The sainted Mangelwurzel.

Mangelwurzel or mangold wurzel, also called mangold, mangel beet, field beet, and fodder beet, is a cultivated root vegetable derived from Beta vulgaris. The cultivars are named Crassa Group.

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Halloween Writing Event

Halloween Writing Event


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