we can never remember


Harsh flickering lights banish the darkness
Aimless fluttering, hapless pale creatures
smash dying against unyielding glass
Murmuring fingers tap relentless pleas
Repetitive motions, lift, sip, swallow
Stimulants ancient and fabricated course
through blood thinned by prescription
and vice…

…Advice sought in quiet temple of wood
burnished and hushed fabrics hanging
softly with neutral disdain in silence as
control of breath torments anguished
mind spinning with images of life lived
and not…

…Knots of snarling concrete paved arteries
Random flowing, angry singular strangers
race burning with profuse carbon soot
Anxious hands pound fretful profanities
Frantic swerving, off, on, pumping
Adrenaline reptilian chemicals blast
heart weakened by toxic cholesterol
and fat…

…Fattened accounts melt in reality of wonder
techniques prolonging existence balancing
on edge of breakthrough for quantity as
life trumps reason and excesses force
mind pondering renewal pledging changes
and growth…

…Grow we do not…


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