a tribute to Rumi #9

I mention in my sidebar that Rumi is my favorite poet. I wrote a number of poems in tribute to his longing for the Beloved.

“Stillness is not natural”

wool scratchy
roll bottom
eye cushion, tassels call out for comfort
stern rejoinder
square shoulders
deep exhalation
mind clear
mind clear
mind clear
mind clear, tap on knee
tilt forward

…long pause…

rock back
deep inhalation
mind clear
mind clear, an itch, on the thigh, fingers flex
eyes open, look down, again

…longer pause…

mind not clear
must have been the spiced lentils
or maybe the lamb
there is not a djinn, squatting on my person
is not
mind clear

I do not see you
I do not hear you
I do not want you here disturbing my meditation
go away
mind clear
mind clear, a slap on the cheek, hand whisks frantically
laughter, mocking laughter
why you!
tension, boiling pressure, ragged and harsh breathing
that’s it!
no more
stillness is not natural

Leaving so soon?
Master. I cannot do this, I have not the patience, not the understanding needed to go within
Perhaps then, instead, you could simply ask your little guide, he knows what to do.


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