stiff upper lip is not stalking

I pretend confidence
shaded patio
table for two
sling pretend designer bag
tears prick
gift during
magical weekend
professed devotion
only pretend love
emotions fondled
how many have picked
laminate dog-eared
menu edges
pretending to be hungry
across the street
holding hands
pretend not to see
he has another date
I lie
with a smile
was held up at work
dining alone after all
I pretend confidence


12 thoughts on “stiff upper lip is not stalking

  1. I love the underlying sadness of this poem (if “love” is the right word, here). It reminds me of a novel I’m writing, in which one of the characters searches for, and thinks she’s found, someone she lost long ago, only to find things are very different and not as she would want them to be. I can feel every detail in this poem.


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