the weather Gods

Humans used to worship weather Gods. Thor, Neberu, Zibelthiurdos, Shango, Fūjin, Perkūnas; there were and still are Gods in every culture that represented rain and thunder, the sky and the winds. In today’s advanced and sophisticated cultures, weather is no longer worshiped but has become a nuisance.

“Rained Out”

They never get it right
I could do that
50% chance they’re wrong
What a joke
Forecast equals guess
All those fancy charts
Good thing we don’t pay
Why do they bother
It was supposed to snow
It was supposed to rain
It was supposed to be hot
Why can’t they get it right

Puny humans with your whining, I’ll
tell you why
You’ve turned your back on us, the
Gods and Goddesses of your
You think you’re so superior, you
think you have no need of
But you’re wrong, you still
worship the weather Gods, but
now, he is called
News Flash little ones, he is as
cruel as we were
bright bands of colors, swirling winds
torrential rain. You wish to see
the future and
has become your Oracle
As of old, no one

Weather reminds me of the running joke when I lived in New England. There were many variations, but they all revolved around the same premise.

A city slicker driving a fancy car pulls up to a country store in Downeast Maine. He hops out and tells his girlfriend to wait in the car. He sees an old man sitting in a rocking chair on the porch and calls out to him.
“Excuse me sir? Can I ask you a question?”
“My girlfriend and I plan to go out walking later today, do you know what the weather will be like?”
“Does that mean it will be sunny?”
“Will it rain?”
“How will I know the difference?”
“If it’s wet, it be raining. If it’s dry, it’s not.”


2 thoughts on “the weather Gods

  1. Lol… I personally don’t believe in the ancient gods of old… and even at their time, no one could tell the weather except if it was about to rain or if it’s too sunny or… etc. There is only one God who holds all things in His hands 🙏.. love the scene between the old and young guy, hilarious 😂


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