On the corner soapbox

Ten years ago today I moved my blogs [not this one] from Blogger to WordPress. At that time there were less than 400,000 free blogs hosted; now over 37 million free blogs on WordPress.

Bible gripped in upraised arm he’d been dubbed the Melodramatic Preacher Man by the steel-toed workers kitty-corner across the intersection. All through the spring the building frame slowly rose and the mocking salutes with aluminum thermoses gradually turned to lighthearted respect. Near the aestival solstice he’d been kindly invited to lunch by several carpenters. Asked why he preached when so many seemed to daily disagree he replied he was simply following ordained orders. In fall, before the last beam was hoisted, he was humbly asked by all to bless the topping tree and place his signature upon the bare steel.

The Daily Post prompt
Three Word Wednesday prompt

If you’d like to read more of my short fiction click for the page.


8 thoughts on “On the corner soapbox

    • I was over at my original blog, the first 3WW I wrote for was Jan. 9th, 2009. It must be the longest running prompt or close to it. Glad you liked the fiction, I think I may do a new fiction piece once a week.


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