Rumble of Citrus

Authors note: I really struggled with the d’Verse photo prompt arrangements but decided to go ahead and post this. Both pictures credit to Emily Blincoe with permission.

"Meeting for the press"

“Press conference”

truce arrangements by women and men of faith
the press conference after, colors segregated
ranked by size and texture
reconstituted gangs flashed signs
Clementines, Navels, Tangelos glowered
Ruby Reds and Orange Bloods postured
despite clever workshops, earnest lectures
hostile participants rolled out into the night
each group squirted, threatened
violence cut the humid perfumed air

later that week, live statement issued
“Autopsies photo revealed deaths
caused by severed torsos with sharp blade.
Citrus of interest questioned. Arrangements
for next-of-kin to claim remains as victims now,
only good for juice.”

"Live Statement"

“Live Statement”


31 thoughts on “Rumble of Citrus

  1. The first part is a good metaphor Brian for any gathering specially with the:
    colors segregated
    ranked by size and texture

    The second part, made me laugh, with: only good for juice ~ Perhaps in the end, we are all the same – only good for juice of the soil ~ Thanks for playing along ~ I appreciate the support you give to our community ~ Have a good night/day ~


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