always tired since 1998

chronic fatigue rules waking life deeply with aches into fabric of my being
pain never recedes but ebbs and swells despite still face showing stoic
hurts to move even more to think and devise needed changes
even wild and urgent desires rarely rouse my temper much
when vivid images don’t match the smoldering fire within
doing nothing becomes the norm for good reason
little steps loom large and feel hopeful
that gives brief passion and energy
now dimming only to flicker
every day that passes
night follows soon
always so

This poem is three poems in one. The lines descend from 13 words to 1 word. First I wrote the word ‘tired’, then the two word line above that, then the three word line and the four word line. Then I wrote the words ‘chronic fatigue’ and wrote the thirteen word line. Next was the twelve word line and then the eleven word line. I then finished the two poems within the main body. I added the words on the left margin to complete a descending thirteen word poem and then on the right margin as well. The last portion I wrote was the lines of ten words, then nine, eight, seven, six and five.


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