why can’t i find someone?

“Conversation Stilted”

past lives in the tarot – future unrolls in weighted dice – spinning in place – behind – ahead – behind – ahead – memories unceasing in each and every word spoken by family – friends – lovers – work in progress – grasping for logic in reactions – behind – there lies danger and fear – ahead – there lies opportunity and happiness – advice should always be positive – reflection should always be negative – there lies the success of fortunetellers – the client is always right – when always wrong – chicken bones – tea leaves – bloody entrails – none are truth – in each present – each single moment of living – we are reborn – remade – remolded – reincarnated as a different person that we were a moment ago – advice is free – so is pain – so is love – so live in the moment – reinvent your story and abandon the horoscopes – the I Ching – the Magic 8-Ball – luck is no coincidence – neither is coincidence lucky – we make our presents out of flawed pasts and fantastic futures – that’s it? – I’m not paying for this – this sucks! – where’s my fortune cookie?


3 thoughts on “why can’t i find someone?

  1. This is quite astounding in so many ways. I’m amazed at the way you incorporate so many ideas, thoughts and feelings into such a short piece of work! This could take me an age to unpick – a bit like the words of any true Romany. It’s a great piece.


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