why is everything so high up?

Another Sunday morning: time for the weekly ritual. I arrive early, early enough to beat the crowds. I enter the doors, list in hand, select a shopping cart and cut my way through the aisles as if lives were at stake. I nod to employees – I’m an alumnus in good standing – never slowing down until I arrive at the olive oil. She’s dressed for church, coming or going is unknown and can’t reach the top shelf. In my mind we chat about the differentiation of extra and plain old virgin. In actuality she thanks me and calls me young man. I guess over eighty-years old, everyone is young. I pack the bags in the back seat.

talons seek breakfast
also called the fish eagle
sun reaches zenith

This Haibun Monday the prompt is extraordinary days at d’Verse poets pub.




48 thoughts on “why is everything so high up?

  1. I really like this. The imagery is something that strikes a chord with me.

    And, if I were a few decades older, it could have been written about me. I can’t reach the top shelf of anything!!! πŸ˜ƒ


  2. Wonderful happenstance in the olive oil aisle. The haiku is marvelous. We have a ton of osprey here, along with eagles that roost along the James River. It is indeed something to watch them fishing or look down upon their high nests from the greater height of the bridge.


        • I think because most of the nests here are man-made platforms and a densely populated area, the osprey are nonchalant about humans. Most of the ponds are surrounded by houses. We also have bald eagles but not as many. What I really enjoy during the summer are all the swallowtail kites out in the open countryside.


  3. A male shopper with purpose and kindness to the old woman is a rare breed ~ I salute you for chatting and knowing the different types of olive oil ~ You must be a good cook ~ And your haiku is gorgeous ~ Thanks Brian for your support ~


  4. A moment so ordinary can mean so much more in another’s perspective. I often think when I have a little chat with an elderly person in a grocery store, that maybe it was the only interaction they had all day…and yes, those shelves can be ridiculously high.


  5. I love this: “cut my way through the aisles as if lives were at stake”

    Also these two thoughts connected: “I arrive at the olive oil. She’s dressed for church” … as if the olive oil bottle is wearing a dress. πŸ™‚

    This cracks me up: “I pack the bags in the back seat” … cause you know, double entendre.


  6. I used to shop weekly for most of my groceries. Now I shop daily, only buying what I need – except for things like milk or flour … I think food tastes better when bought as fresh as possible. And I also shop early. All the best stuff is out early. πŸ™‚


  7. Ah, that height is going to your head – no wonder you feel like an eagle! I rather like these encounters in the supermarket – increasingly rare, as everyone seems absorbed in their trolleys.


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