seeking inner tranquility


They say, you know, still waters run deep
What does that mean?
I see myself reflected and I…

Reaching for peace not to be found on this plane and place
For we are merely in transit
Still, I…

The quiet contemplation and serenity
Granted to few
We all…

For love, and hope, and a sense that our lives do matter in the overall scheme of things, the universe that hangs above our heads that we ignore and stare instead at the solid ground as we…

See what I mean?
Even in a poem, the drops become a flood and the thoughts overwhelm the still waters waiting while we…

The sound of jets and chainsaws and racing engines ruffle
the dappled surface, ripples race out, a shock wave that
Assaults our souls…

For calm
For space
For life


6 thoughts on “seeking inner tranquility

  1. Shoot! I lost my comment. This simple poem packs a lot into it. A lot of goodthat poets especially should embrace. We are given the fruit of poetry to soar into the Universe. We don’t have to be so earthbound. Gravity doesn’t have to apply to our thought process! Also, a bit from your words and your style in this poem: I thought of Issa: “This world is made of dew, and yet, and yet….”


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