down the shore

“Packing and Unpacking”

A lovely day it was, as I recall, late
when dust was being shaken
and winter’s melancholy
receded, leaving
detritus, emotions they were
frayed and deposited,
out! my mother screamed, enough
of your bickering, father
hid behind the newspaper, full
of adverts for rentals,
Honey? A trip is what we need, a family
bonding vacation to the beach!
deathly silence, a
sickly grin, we
scatter to the stoop,
streets lined with brownstones, sun
slants low when we return


Later that week, loaded wagon
fight for the rear-facing seats
warm air and conflict,
parental glares,
ring-floats, baskets, suits and
food, lots of food,
chicken, fried, soda pop, chips,
blankets, are we
there yet? smack,
be quiet, giggles, told ya so,
somnolence, swaying shocks, head
out window, sniff,
breathe in salty tang, cries of
hot asphalt
hotter sand
sunglasses, wear your hat!
an idyllic pose for posterity,
can you see your family? at
the beach?


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