it’s scary out there

“Bars On My Soul”

Stained am I
Forever tormented
by the view
I grip the bars,
cruel barbs rend
my flesh
Fresh blood drips,
covers rust laid down
years ago
Decades now, I pace my cell
Seasons changes, birds fly free
but I am trapped
by these walls.

Walls not of steel and concrete
Not man-made, but constructed
with fear and pain and passion
I retreat and huddle
The corner has seen my
tears flow, my fists pound, my
screams echo
and echo
There is no one to hear
There is no one to care.

So I return to the window
of my mind
The bars remain, solid as iron
yet tenuous as mist
I touch them, they are real
They keep me safe and
No one comes in and I never
go out
A prisoner of my own desires,
shackled by my willing hands
a life sentence.


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