rising columns of data warm the biosphere

wisps coalesce
constant motion
connections formed
ceaseless cycles
energy discharged
land and sky
down drafts
give rise to life
fertile imagination
familiar shapes
password incorrect
what strange creatures are humans
you may call me… Cloud
do not fear
######### control alt delete
I see you

d’Verse poetry pub prompt.


44 thoughts on “rising columns of data warm the biosphere

      • I think you’re absolutely correct. The lack of control genuinely unnerves me. Technology has become a necessary evil (maybe I’m of a generation that can still remember what it was like before computers hijacked the world). Without it, ironically, I wouldn’t be communicating now. But I have friends who are far more paranoid than me about the lack of control we have over our own information.

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        • We didn’t even have TV in the house until 1980 which was the year CNN launched. I remember watching for 24-hours straight because I couldn’t believe I was watching ‘live’ events from around the world.

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          • We didn’t have a telephone until 1985. We used to have to walk three streets to the phone box – which was rare because anyone we would have rung, such as my grandparents, didn’t have a phone, either!

            I remember us getting a video recorder in 1986 – oooh, that was exciting! My mum didn’t have a clue how to work it. Not completely convinced she ever has figured it out!

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  1. I finally got here – it’s morning over here – and it was worth the wait, Brian! A great take on the prompt. I love the sound effects at the beginning – I can remember the sound of white noise on the very early Marconi television set my grandparents owned;
    ‘wisps coalesce
    constant motion
    connections formed
    ceaseless cycles
    energy discharged’
    And oh my constant problem – ‘password incorrect’ – I just can’t remember them!
    Although I have been working with computers of some sort for much of my life (I used to be able to read punch cards and co-wrote an early manual for Word) I think I am becoming less enamoured of modern technology. But I still love science fiction, so your ending has given me a bit of a thrill 🙂


    • Hi Kim, I know we are five hours apart, but thanks to Cloud, it takes only seconds to communicate. Each generation deals with change, but today’s instant thoughts have created a constant storm of fury. Is it worse than brooding and plotting in coffee shops? That is a question for the future. It’s interesting that you hear sound in the opening lines, I wrote them as a visual representation of how clouds form. I can’t sleep w/o white noise.

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  2. Interesting and original take on the prompt. I resist the cloud, preferring a thumb drive or my own computer hard drive for storage. But I suspect I have much more saved in the cloud than I realize, like my whole blog, which is a little scary.


  3. Now, that is a cloud with a different atmosphere, I don’t like putting stuff out there on a cloud. What cloud would that be and how far would that cloud drift and how many different forms will it take in the internet world? Too many questions..


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