here [lies] an original man

a creation of self-
for se[e] trout
or loch monsters
in local pub
original lies
was this big
scale tales
tails of lasses
with glasses
the name is ed
iffy ed-dif[i]-cation
holiday away
lips lick her
full-some time
cast lure/fly
dance re[e]l hands
from [g][l]ass
sing original
else-where you
should lay rod/head
in bosom there
she doesn’t care
for lies
sliding scale[s]
filleted cash
sink your bobber
hook the hole
doubt be back
self-ma[i]d/e man

Authors note: each bracket, backslash and dash contains multiple meanings and reads differently with changes of letters or words.


27 thoughts on “here [lies] an original man

  1. Just WOW! I’ll end up losing count of the number of different ways I read this poem! An exceptionally clever piece, and one which I will return to over and over, to create a different sense with each reading. Technically, this is brilliant! I really love it.


  2. Still have a difficult time reading it (cataract, can’t drive at night, product of the 60’s) but I always enjoy it to the end. Sorta like not knowing how to ski yet finishing at the bottom without getting killed. 🙂 Again, a very interesting style and look forward to reading you again.


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