often asked, rarely worthy

“T is for Trust

i trust that my dawg
will hump all my guests legs
2am clean up
cause he’s cute when he begs
i trust in my reflexes
will make it home alive
even after six beers
really shouldn’t drive
i trust in my dealer
won’t turn into a narc
score all my oxy
down at the park
i trust the sun
to rise every day
come Friday afternoon
will get meager pay
i trust that my team
will never cover the spread
good thing my bookie
is dear uncle Fred
i trust to my heart
vows we both swore
working late hours
slip out the back door
i trust in my judgment
to make the right choice
when it comes time to vote
will always have a voice


2 thoughts on “often asked, rarely worthy

  1. Ha ha ha. This is awesome. You make a really good point, Mister. 🙂 … Man, I’m still cracking up, imagining the riff-raff/twisted-head thought-process when it comes to making major decisions, like how to vote. I’m picturing Harley and the Suicide Squad, of course.


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