x marks forever

You are here.

Three words are all it takes to find yourself. You are here. I was there. I want to go here. Then there. You are here. Where is here? Is it there? Where are the words between there and here? If I start there and am now here, how did I get from there to here. Where is here? Why should it matter if here is here and there is there. What if here is not where you want to be? What if you are here means you should have been there? How do you get from here that should have been there and move to there which will be you are here once you actually get there?

You are here.

Every moment of your life, you are here.

You will never get to there.


12 thoughts on “x marks forever

      • If you saw the state of my house at the moment, you’d know just how apt that last sentence of yours is!

        If you’re offering ice-cream, then mine’s chocolate – or mint chic chip. Either suffices. Although our local ice-cream parlour does a fantastic mish-mash of all their leftovers of other flavours. Now that’s lovely!


  1. I really enjoyed this play on here and there, and the questions posed in-between. It is almost like the old “grass is greener on the other side theory.” But, once you get there, you find out the grass is so green because of what it is fertilized with. So, you wish you were back there, instead of here. πŸ™‚


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