chaste street walker chased

The d’Verse prompt is to use homophones such as medal/metal/mettle/meddle at the poetry pub.

slender towers grimace, gap toothed shades
close, dinner at eight, earnest pleas no
more meat chili, fear palate ruined, ate
too much, at least pain is now gone, meet
for pasta, sounds great, glance out pane,
full darkness consumes, leave through front
gate, chilly fingers probe under clothes,
walk past side alley, serves as shelter
pallet propped against wall, glint of steel,
gait quickens, cell in hand, feel hostile
stare, restaurant not far, crowds thicken,
up front stair, welcoming hug, safe with
friends, can’t believe sell for such low
prices, lets order food is a steal, stomach
growls, grate more cheese, yes please, will
get ride home, night is young, so are we.


27 thoughts on “chaste street walker chased

  1. I find this utterly fascinating (I have a bit of a “thing” for homophones and homographs). As a creative piece I enjoyed it, but it has the added bonus of behaving like the world’s most entertaining word search, too! 😊


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