Love is…

“Belonging to them”

In the beginning, there was anger, fear, disgust
rapid progress, day, even minutes passed
that artificial human construct compresses emotions: now is not soon enough, then is too late
this will never work
too possessive
too needy
too wounded, too fucked up to ever learn, learn love, learn hope
learn to stop building barricades
to stop ramming said obstacles at high drama: hate powering the motor of shame
praying… broken spirit

In the beginning, they took me out of my possessions, showed me
thrust their love into my soul
pleaded, railed at the indifferent cosmos, past/future

there is no beginning

thundering from distant deeps
the beach of cool sand crushed from rock and shell
shaped by green-white combers
we ate
we talked
we watched clouds burn and flowers shiver
every place unique, every visitor loved, every memory a cherished possession
the balcony, the rock basking in the hot sun
whistling dune grass, key lost
dead fish oiled
high-tide line waiting for renewal
pelicans in line ahead, terns wheeling, gulls clashing
understand this…

Love Is


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