New England clam bake

alabaster orb – bursts forth
shoulders aside waves
sheds seaweed tresses
water – salt cascades – ripples
wash ashore
cast-off calcified shelters
ridges – mathematical spirals
gnarled driftwood alight
flames curl – bow to night sky
sparks leap high
hasten to dry cratered face
mussels steam over stone

For d’Verse prompt spark at the poetry pub.


59 thoughts on “New England clam bake

  1. You got me conflicted about the difference between mussels & clams, but I loved the poem. I just returned from 4 days at the ocean on Washington state’s coast, & am still burping up steaming clam chowder; dig your last line alliteration.


  2. Since I’ve never had the privilege of a clam bake, I will comment on your moon, Brian. Alabaster is the perfect shade and giving it (her) shoulders against the backdrop of the sea is lovely imagery. 🙂


  3. That alabaster orb that ‘bursts forth / swollen / shoulders aside waves’ could be the moon, a mermaid, a person or a shell – it’s so beautifully ambiguous and open for interpretation. I love the sound of ‘sheds seaweed tresses’ and ‘salt cascades’. The fire is so alluring, as is the idea of eating around a driftwood fire. I can hear and smell those mussels steaming over stone. Deliciously done, Brian.


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