Drooling I watch her skirt

from the distance far she comes
a vision in red headers popping
as I drink in her contours and
vibrate in her exhaust she idles
rough and I stroke her skin
her ground effect skirts hide
her aggressive camber and her
gleaming chrome spokes reveal
painted calipers gripping ceramic
pads and perforated steel rotors
I grip her handle and slide slowly
down inside the soft leather seat
her cluster shows the needles that
flick up and down as I play footsie
with her custom pedals and pop
her clutch as her engine moans
the revs whine when the blower
opens the IAC and air is sucked
hard into her chamber and the fluid
is injected and sparked by platinum
fire the combustion throws me
back into her upright caress and
belted straps and I ride her fast
and deep into the tight corner
her rubber contact patch squealing
and smoking as the transaxle
converts torque to thrust the
ABS/TRAC switched off as she
shimmies hard coming out then
rotating forward I slide to a
stop and yank the hood latch to
stare into the heart of my love
beating three thousand times a
minute controlled by the PCM that
takes input from the MAF and the
DPFE and O2 sensors to turn her
violent untamed explosion into a
purring satisfied machine men
and women find so hot and sexy.


6 thoughts on “Drooling I watch her skirt

  1. This made me smile! I love the erotic undertone to this, and it reminds me of the behaviour of so many of my family members with their vehicles (both cars and motorbikes). I suppose I behave a bit like this with fountain pens…! πŸ™‚


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