The Futurists got it all wrong

dis-                            member

states rights

dis-                     place

ballot fraud

dis-        co

opt cash store


dis-                    guise

guile smile book of faces click dis-                  play awhile

reality virtual

dis-                     lodge

complaint identity zombie cookies crumbs

dis-            gust

blows prairie dis-                   aster

blooms bulldoze boxes rake acid sky

dis-               count votes for all

dis-              taste industrial triumph shelf-life radioactive meat glows

dis-                    may not survive

dis-              grace posture

grab ring dis-                  gorge lies

dis-                 lodge in throat

dis-                      till farmers till beat plowshares dis-                     cover silos missiles

GMO corn flakes rusted barb wire buffalo roam

dis-                               harmony choir drowned big business politics platitudes swallowed whole

dis-       ease into future dis-   cord snaps mass famine drought races greyhounds

dis-        band plays on

A Futurism poem for d’Verse at the poetry pub where Björn wants to be shocked.


20 thoughts on “The Futurists got it all wrong

  1. I love what you did here Brian. I wished I thought of this…cutting words and verses across the page. Love the dis- words specially: dis – count, dis taste, dis-may..dis band…..! And that ending is just superb ~


    • Thanks Kathy. You picked two lines that are opposite. The first our computer communication combined w/ surveillance cameras. The second the destruction of natural resources combined w/ relentless advertising that consumerism is patriotic.


    • Thanks, I went through the entire list of dis-words and picked those that had completely different meanings rather than simply opposite. Harmony is really the only one that is not. Guise and lodge could be, but the definitions of dis- have shifted.


  2. Wow. As I read, some of the dis-‘s turned into this’s… pretty sure that was not your intent, but authorial intent isn’t everything. I find it very interesting how this poem reads me.


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