rap is real life for many

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem was recorded for the semi-autobiographical movie ‘8 Mile’, released in November 2002 and the song won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 2003. No matter what you think of Eminem and his personal struggles, “Lose Yourself” is one of the best songs ever written. The movie itself is not based directly on his life, but rather the culture in Detroit along Eight Mile Road or M-102 that is a symbolic dividing line between black and white neighborhoods. ‘8 Mile’ is violent, sexist, and filled with profanity but it is an accurate representation of life for millions of people in cities and small towns across America. It’s a movie that shows what happens when cultures clash with ‘defenses down’.

each step
dragging my past
along Eight Mile Road
bullets fly and blood spills
and still I keep coming back
the life I hate claims my soul
and the wealth on the other side
a trap even more gross than poverty
with defenses down the truth cuts deep
opportunity is a lie that steals your talent


7 thoughts on “rap is real life for many

  1. “opportunity is a lie that steals your talent” … Oh, wow. That’s an incredible line.

    I love that movie, and I love him. Fantastic music, if you ask me.


  2. Refreshing to find another person who perceives good hiphop as poetry. Another interesting thing I’ve come across in re: rap is that it is often tantamount to using the voice as a percussion instrument…


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