a tribute to Rumi #12

I mention in my sidebar that Rumi is my favorite poet. I wrote a number of poems in tribute to his longing for the Beloved. This one is new for The Daily Post prompt.

“I strain daily to reach You”

must I always reach over Beloved?
cannot we meet halfway?
my prayers ~ sent on leaden feet ~ march
over spiritual bridge to Your ears
I strain
the echoes fade ~ birds wing freely
I gaze down
cloud-mapped stars ripple in
somber procession
the silence
breeze bears witness
tear plops ~ fish rises
we both are disappointed

the arch of wooden beam though
reminds me
my thumbs ~ your curvature of spine
delicate vertebrae
bridge of skull and hip
yet when gripped ~ mounted
precious gift
strength fluidly combined
our fervent cries rise as flame to heaven
passionate prayers to the Beloved
consummation crosses over
at our peaks ~ our souls entwined
a touch of the Divine
we are heard
we are One

Click the category link and scroll down to read all the Rumi poems.

Authors note: Without getting into personal beliefs or politics or comparative studies of sex and religion [Wikipedia does that] most if not all faiths consider respectful and consensual sexual congress between married partners to be a form of prayer and worship and a bridge to God.

Another bridge poem for d’Verse “over the Thames to link millenniums” posted Oct 31st.


4 thoughts on “a tribute to Rumi #12

    • You must think I am the world’s most oblivious poet but I didn’t consciously put the photo as a ‘bridge’ btwn the two verses. I took that picture [it’s actually upside down] back in 1979 after I bought a brand new Cannon AE1 and spent thousands of dollars taking pictures over the next three years.

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