playground politics

*taps baton*

“A Sycophant in C Major”

is it bigger than a house
does it squeak like a mouse
conflagrations to douse
perhaps a political louse
commentators do grouse
beware of the spouse
though better than a souse
it’s still a sycophant
that causes the rant
with a partisan slant
and a hysterical cant
Republicans rule
Democrats drool
Nah nah
audience vents spleen
what about Green
too sectarian
be a Libertarian
sorry folks
it’s all a hoax

An essay by Lady Nyo “The Lesser of Two Weevils” that is an essay about the presidential election.


4 thoughts on “playground politics

  1. Whoowho!!! Brian I like this very, very much! Bravo! Until we see through the stupid and dulling mask that is American politics were are doomed to trudge in circles with no ability to break out of the humdrum. Jefferson was right: We need a revolt on the fundamental grounds every 5 years if those in power are not serving the masses, but serving themselves. We need a radical rupture with what we got now.
    There’s an essay I have somewhere by someone else, about this whole political hoax and how it’s just served up to pacify the public. Like we really have a say in these things. We don’t or they are proposing the wrong issues/questions…and both sides of the aisle are telling us it’s our ‘patriotic duty’ to vote one of the other in. Bah. We can do better, but right now I seen no real leadership out of this morass on the horizon. We are given stale crumbs from the tyrants table and some of us act so grateful!


    • Please sirs, may I have another bowl of gruel? I honestly don’t know if real leadership is even possible anymore given the incestuous relationship between both major parties, big business, bigger media and the military complex. No one in Congress has any desire to hop off the gravy train no matter how much they bleat to the press. Pass the pork rinds and pop the top. We gonna have our ourselves a little party right here in D.C.

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      • I tend to agree with you Brian. I’ve tried to research the newer members of Congress, but they seem to have latched on one or the other politician who has a track record of personal opportunism. That’s not to say that our Founding Fathers were better, but I think they were. They were a contentious and nasty bunch, but they were working in a situation where the enemy was not of them: Britain and King George (the crazy one….) were a defined point of opposition. Today? Is there any soul who will stick out their necks and yell: Enough! ??? Something radical has to happen before the situation tips over ….a ‘critical mass’ issue. I just don’t know. My cabbages need watering and it seems the only thing I can address anymore. However, reading about Huma Abedin today…doing a lot more study, made my stomach churn. Kinda like finding out Kerry’s daughter’s husband and father in law in Iran. There are so many connections that we, the People of this USA, have no idea what is brewing over or heads.
        Rant over (for now)


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