when the urge strikes

“Flash Flood”

Sweat soaked pillow wakes me
Hear thoughts of others flowing
Darkest night clock blinks 1am
Stumble through rooms sit at desk
Start the computer hurry up
Can’t this wait till morning light
I have an idea write it down
It seldom happened this way
We write during the day at work
Not as dramatic a process
But distractions rule at home
A word drops onto the page
Stain spreads turns to sentence
Phrases run faster gather speed
Paragraphs pouring in torrents
Fingers streaming river in flood.

Rarely becomes this easy either
Many times endless sea of sand
Painful crawling illusions chased
Frantic scrabbling infertile soil
Broken letters dry as bones
Parched mind lays down to die
Shadows cross hopping nearer
Rumble of clouds falling drops
Cracked skin soaks in cold water
Blood circulates once more
Images return impatient muses

Where have you been
I’ve been drowning in a flash flood.


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