the basis of my poetry

I write poetry inside-out. Whether a word or picture prompt or simply a random thought, at the base of my creativity is the perspective of first seeing the scene from the point-of-view of the prompt. The Daily Post prompt is base. So, am I a tree or structure? Am I real or metaphysical? A noun or adjective? Scientific or mathematical? Once I establish the baseline of the word/picture I decide on the style of poetry or sometimes short fiction that best fits the prompt. It can be topical, classical, historical or cultural. Once I create the poem I shift perspective and examine it from the outside as an observer. What does the reader see? How will they react? What emotions will their reactions be based upon?

tapered canopy
chopped base oozes clear resin
fresh Christmas tree falls
needles shed in abundance
sharp scent pine for simpler days


10 thoughts on “the basis of my poetry

    • I do believe the Falcons won… like I said, with all the injuries on defense, they can’t stop elite offenses no matter how many yards Rodgers throws. Your Chiefs are rolling along though. No snow here in Florida. Yeah!!!!!


      • Defense is banged up, though. Getting Clay and some healthy corners will go a long way in helping. Minnesota and Detroit lost, so I think you guys could be set up for a good run.

        I actually like snow, although we don’t get too much here in Maryland.


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