fade to black

white towel shoved in hot glass, racks
of wine stems shiver, blink, blink
crimson traffic light, wet pavement
shimmers, night dances on the wind
confetti swept up, thunk of bristles
scrap of stools, glass cascades into
bins, segregated colors, green and
brown, blue for variety, red for
flare, the restroom door slams, slow
tread, jacket collar turned up, a
hard slap on the counter, forefinger
cocked, a nod, flip switch, neon
bottles and buxom wenches flicker off
hold the door, cold breeze washes
wrappers away, call out, goodbye Walt,
he waves back over hunched shoulders,
blink, blink, the opposing yellow glow
perhaps a tear, or optical illusion,
whisper once more, gust carries words
high towards the heavens, goodbye Walt
the clack of lock, the rattle of shutters
Poetry Pub closed, dawn a few hours away
next shift due soon, another engraved plaque
another poet to cherish, another draft pull

For the d’Verse prompt Walt bids goodbye to hosting the Poetry Pub.


25 thoughts on “fade to black

    • You’re welcome Walt. No such thing as last call. 🙂 Btw, as you know, I have been a full-time caretaker for my wife for the past year and she’s been ill for our entire marriage of 30 years. If you ever feel the need to chat, send me an email. I’ll be happy to help you both in any way I can.


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