could be anyone

November 11th is observed as Armistice Day for the end of WWI. Most countries have renamed the day to something else. In the U.S.A. is it called Veteran’s Day for all veterans of all wars.

“______________” (fill in the blank, hero of your choice)

Dusty box in closet spare
tired eyes in thinning hair
memories of friendships past
calm the nightmares that will last
dress in uniform fit is tight
comrades in arms to spend the night
hoist a glass of spirits now
as the years fall from brow
was this the youth I used to be
when called for country overseas
left home and family far behind
band of brothers ease the mind
stride for stride we march along
for each other remain strong
battle won can mourn our loss
tally up the terrible cost
thoughts and dreams as they roam
learning now will be going home
others too under locks
winging home in wooden box
touching down on native soil
see crowds of family start to boil
emotions begin to overflow
lovers face in halo’s glow
eyes that see only one
all the medals that were won
little child peeps around
to see the parent that has come down
holding tight to fragile frame
this is worth more than fame
returning to civilian life
many pleasures ease the strife
strangers offer thanks to me
helped keep children’s country free
watching own family grow
not immune to all the woe
when time has come for eternal rest
twas in fact for the best
drifting now back through time
interrupted by doorbell’s chime
my old friends here at last
come on in let’s have a blast


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