weekend warriors

November 11th is observed as Armistice Day for the end of WWI. Most countries have renamed the day to something else. In the U.S.A. is it called Veteran’s Day for all veterans of all wars.

“Our Guard”

men and women young and old
whose principles cannot be sold
rally round and heed the call
answer proudly when disasters fall.

offering trained medical care
to those in tents with vacant stares
the town they find is filled with rubble
patrolling groups stem any trouble.

bury the dead and feed the living
filled with hope and a spirit of giving
in regular training learn skills to hone
many are shipped to combat zone.

weekend warriors was a derisive cry
that is until the shrapnel would fly
convoys attacked and lives are lost
swift reactions lesson the cost.

rebuilding schools and winning hearts
protecting our honor is just the start
around the world our troops reflect
that the Guard has finally earned their respect.

our neighbors and friends give their all
so the rest of us can all stand tall
all the blood and the tears have come to fruition
our country is proud of our well-regulated militia.


4 thoughts on “weekend warriors

  1. Always proud of our Armed Forces, wherever they serve. I have a number of relatives, living, who have served in the Army or the RAF in the UK, and I know other ex-military, living here and worldwide. I am proud to know every single one of them.

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