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“Ancient Bones”

We get cold you know
Just because we are stone
And covered with snow
Wind still makes us moan.

Vague memories of birth
Men with sharp knives
Ripped us from the earth
Craftsman as midwives.

We get hot you know
Baking in the summer heat
Relief in cloud shadow
Crumbling mortar we excrete.

Jumbled in stacks
Waited our turn
Shaved with an ax
Roaring fire did burn.

We get angry you know
Two legs carve symbols
They hack with gusto
If only we were nimble.

Hoisted high in the air
Spinning caused vertigo
Fitted with precise care
Bathed in sun’s glow.

We get lonely you know
After centuries have passed
When halls lie fallow
But our honor is steadfast.

View from the parapet
Stretches to the sea
Paints living portrait
Of knights riding briskly.

We get frightened you know
Loud thunder and smoke
Arrow flew from crossbow
Peaceful stone was broke.

Moss covers the wall
Voices echo once more
More years than can recall
We are steeped in lore.

We are friendly you know
Let us tell you a tale
No need to winnow
Our truths are for sale.


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