time cannot erase love

I wake – reach for you
mind dreams insist you were there
covers cold as death
hot tea steeps – steam curls question
plump for winter – chickadee

A response to an essay about Ono no Komachi on Lady Nyo’s blog. I have always enjoyed leaving poems as comments. I believe poetry should be a staring point of discussion not the ending as a stiff sculpture in a museum. I want to know what other poets are feeling when they write poems. The connection is what drives my work. I have not written much recently because I have been immersed in fiction. I discovered that I can write fiction when I am doing mostly poetry but not the other way around.


6 thoughts on “time cannot erase love

  1. This is such a beautiful poem, as always. I particularly like the insistence of the mind dreams. I can completely relate to that.

    On your poetry/fiction discovery, I wonder if it’s something to do with the openness of mind created when writing poetry, and enabling you to also incorporate fiction into your writing time. Fiction writing can be quite a closed, insular experience, with the focus on the project in question only. For that reason, it can also be emotionally draining, I find.

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  2. Oh! I think Ina is on to something! Poetry, because it is so emotional at times…just loosens us up. Creativity comes trickling down and onto the page!
    Poetry is about YOU…or so directly through you…it’s this internal dialogue with yourself and your experiences. Writing novels is a bit different. I frequently feel like I’m put on ‘hold’ while the dialogue and activity of my characters are all going on above my head. LOL! This can be good, and it also can get out of control. I have to walk away at times….and just reattach myself with poetry. Ignoring the characters in my book.
    And when you write a poem, like the one above….a call and answer process…it continues out the experience…weaves a tighter mesh. I love that….and this was done….for centuries before us. A wonderful way to continue a theme or conversation. Too many poets, good poets…today….don’t do this at all. We are too individualized in our poetry. I take my hat (if I was wearing one…) off tho you, Brian. I loved your poem.


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